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We Love Talavera !!!

Talavera Emporium Team: Luis Hernandez, Edali Hernandez & Vijay Rengan

As connoisseurs of Talavera pottery with a collective experience of over 30 years, we have assembled some exclusive Talavera pottery, visited many of the Talavera producing sites, interacted with the master artisans and instilled some of our unique design ideas to satisfy our esoteric customer base. Our success and reputation has lead us down this path to create this exclusive Talavera website where we sell only the products of highest quality that reflects the essence of the immense spirit that is involved in the tedious but meticulous creation of Talavera.

We import products exclusively from Mexico for Talavera and from Spain for Majolica. Talavera and Majolica, though differ in name, are identical in production process. Talavera from Mexico has more ethnic blend in its colors and designs as compared to Majolica made in Spain. The Talavera pottery has its roots in Spain, from Talavera De La Reyna, the place where it was first known to be created. It was introduced in Mexico in the early 17th Century. The Talavera produced in certain workshops in Puebla is now officially designated, recognized and protected by the Government of Mexico.

We are based in San Antonio, Texas, in the historic Market Square area. While we are popular among local consumers, it is our intention to market the beauty of Talavera all over the world. We derive great pleasure in seeing our customers satisfied with their purchase and we go at great lengths to ensure so. Our products are unique, colorful, and will enhance the beauty and add life to any interior that will host our products. We Guarantee it !!

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