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About Edali Hernandez

Edali Hernandez was born and educated in Mexico. The Mexican Indians colorful folk costumes caught her imagination from early age taking her to study and develop a deep interest in the traditions, art and handicrafts of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Later in life she entered the more practical world of business and in 1983 became the sales manager for CASART, a government agency founded to promote and support artisans from the State of de Mexico. She exhibited and marketed fine products from many artist and artisans, all over Mexico. In 1986 she migrated to the United States, where she started a handicrafts wholesale company. In the early 90's she founded a retail business to display and market limited production hand made products. In 1995 she opened a store in Market Square in San Antonio, Texas, the heart of the Mexican culture in Texas. In 1996 she started another, bigger store in the same area, which gave her the opportunity to display handicrafts from several Latin Countries. The store, Los Pueblitos, translated as "the little towns" honors the villages where most of the handicrafts are still produced in Mexico. Los Pueblitos is now well known and appreciated in the United States and has been reported by several national magazines and newspapers. Los Pueblitos handicrafts reflect Edali's love for the colors, shapes, materials and ingenuity of people with a particular mixture of European and indigenous heritage.

Edali has traveled extensively all over the world in her quest for the best handicrafts, unmatched in elegance, to satisfy even her most discerning customer. One of Edali's favorite handicrafts is the Talavera pottery. This old craft represent one of the finest and more traditional crafts for his beauty and its rich history. Now with Talavera Emporium she has dedicated time and care to put together a collection that includes master artisans officially authorized to sign and certify the authenticity of their handicrafts. She hopes you will all love it too as much as she does !!

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