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Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean by "Talavera Emporium Talavera" ?

The simple answer is our high quality. All talavera look good in online pictures and it is difficult to make out the diffrence between a fake, poor quality one that bleads colors over time, from a well crafted sturdy heavy Talavera Pottery that lasts a lifetime. We work with our select artisans to maintain our high quality standards and you will notice that our designs and products to be very sturdy and well crafted. When you hold our pottery in your hand, you will know.

Can I use these products for everyday use for cooking and serving etc ?

Eventhough people do use these products for daily use, we highly recommend to use these products for decorative purposes and for very light use. These are artistic products of fine detail and not a replacement for common china.

Is your talavera lead-free and safe for serving food etc ?

Yes, all our talavera products are lead-free and are safe for household use. We however recommend only for decorative and light use. Do not place them in conventional oven or in extreme temperatures. These are not a replacement for common china. Handwash recommended.

Can you make custom talavera ?

Yes, we do make custom talavera from name plaques to more elaborate designer pottery. Simply contact us through the contact page with your request. Custom talavera orders usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for production and delivery and must be fully paid for at the time of the order. All custom talavera sales are final with no returns or refunds.

How much does it cost to ship a oval talavera sink to Netherlands or Australia ?

Please provide us the exact postal address, zipcode and the exact product sku number of the talavera pottery that you are planning to purchase for us to give you a shipping quote.

How do I setup my wedding registry ?

Please use the contact page to provide us the name of the groom, bride, date and place of the wedding, the list of sku numbers of the items you have selected and we will setup a registry for you.

Why is your talavera more expensive than other talavera that I can find on the internet ?

The simple answer is our high quality. We work with our artisans to maintain our high quality standards and you will notice that our designs and products to be very sturdy and well crafted. We also provide free shipping for most of our products, and so when you compare the full shipping price with other stores, you may still find our pricing a good bargain.

I would like to open a wholesale account with Talavera Emporium. Is that possible ?

Please refer to our Wholesale request policy

Do you ship overseas ?

Yes, but we do require full payment by wire transfer before shipping our product. All international sales are final and are non refundable. Please contact us through our contact page and let us know your zipcode, country and the product you are interested in. Remember these products are heavy and international shipping cost may exceed the price of the product.

Can I make bulk orders of the same product ?

Yes , you can , but remember that these are handicrafts. Each product is individually hand crafted and not machine produced. So expect some amount of variance in each product. We will try to match them closely but the products will still not be as identical as machine produced.

Do you have a catalog ? How do I get wholesale pricing ?

We do not have a printed catalog for distribution and we are working on producing one. For wholsesale enquiry please refer to Whole Sale Pricing page on our site.

I had a nice talavera vase which broke last month, can you make me one similar ?

Yes, please send us a picture and dimensions. Usually by looking at the picture we should be able to tell which artisan produced it and we will use the same artisan to create something very similar to your broken item. All custom orders require full payment and are non refundable.

I received your shipment, but the item is broken when I received it. What do I do ?

We primarily use UPS ground shipping for our products and the products are insured. So if you received an item that is broken, you must keep the broken product along with the original packaging for UPS verification. Once they have completed the verification, we can replace your product or give you a refund. Without UPS verification we will not be able to replace or provide you a refund. So it is important you keep the broken product along with the original packaging for UPS verification.

What is your return policy ?

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions of purchase page.


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