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Mexican Talavera Pottery

"Not Just Talavera, It is Talavera Emporium Talavera"

talavera plates

Talavera plates from Mexico and spain. These lead free products can be used for decoration as well as for regular household use.

talavera platters, Trays

talavera platters

These Talavera platters can be used as serving trays or display as decorative items. Lead free for regular household use too.

Talavera Bowls

talavera bowls

These Talavera fruit bowls are some of our best sellers. Enhance your dining table decor with a large talavera fruit bowl.

Talavera Vases, Jars

talavera jars,vases

Talavera Vases, talavera jars and pitchers that can be table top decoration or for household use.

Talavera Interior Decoration

talavera interior

Custom made Talavera interior design products. We can also custom make products to your specification.

talavera sinks

The Best Talavera Sinks on the Net. These are very sturdy and almost twice the weight of normal talavera sinks. All our sinks have overflow drains.

Talavera Dinner Sets

talavera dinner sets

Talavera Dinner Sets will set the mood for a hearty mexican cuisine. All these Dinner Sets are lead free and can be used for daily household use too.

Talavera Kitchen decoration

talavera kitchen

Kitchen canisters and bottles to store away your kitchen products or display them proudly on your kitchen table.

talavera garden

Talavera Flowerpots and bird-baths to add color and character to your garden.

talavera bathroom

Talavera Bathroom accessories for decoration your bathroom. We also custom design the entire bathroom sets to match with your existing colors.

Talavera Wall Decoration

talavera walls

Talavera Wall Decoration will bring a bright mood to any room. From name plates to custom designed wall mirrors we carry them all.

talavera tiles

Custom Talavera Tiles are made to order. Please contact us with your design and the quantity. We will manufacture your specific designs exclusively for you.

talavera crosses

Beautiful talavera crosses designed exclusively for talavera emporium by various artisans. A great gift for the holiday season..

talavera seasonal

Seaonal talavera decorative ideas from christmas to day of the dead. Our Thanksgiving Day platter is a big hit. Check it out.

blue white talavera

blue white talavera


Classic traditional talvera designs in blue and white colors. Mix and match various products in this color combo for a traditional mexican decorative look.

new arrivals

Our latest new talavera designs at our webstore. Hurry these are the ones that sell out fast.

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