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202 Produce Row
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Dear Wholesale Requesters:

 Thank you for your interest in our product line at Talavera Emporium. As you might have already noticed, the products we carry are of very high quality and handcrafted to details set forth by Talavera Emporium. Each product is unique as each one is handmade by some of the best artisans of Talavera pottery. 

Hence wholesale pricing does not apply for these products as these are not commodities manufactured in large quantities by some machinery. However, we appreciate your interest in our product line, and we would be able to provide you with a volume based discounted pricing for the products you may order from us.

To determine the discount we can apply we need to know the volume (quantity) of the products that you might order, the shipping destination information, and also the sku number of the product that you may be interested in. Please use our contact page to submit your information. Once we receive the information we can give you a discounted pricing and will produce those products exclusively for you to satisfy your order.

 Please be aware that these are handicrafts and if you order 20 sinks from us, for instance, each sink will look almost the same, but not exactly identical as in the case of machine production. We once again appreciate your interest and would be very happy to provide you a discounted pricing to enlist you to our growing clientele. 

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